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Gift Certificates or Group Discounts are available for all of our activities and training.

...Just wanted to say thank you very much for the weekend. It was such a calm and relaxed environment and I really enjoyed it. It has definitely improved my confidence and reassured me... CC

...Thank you very much for, once again, providing an excellent course, this time for the Silver Award. I am delighted with what I have learned and am practising at every opportunity! You are an excellent teacher, very thorough, patient and kind. To have taken me through the Bronze and Silver courses where I am far from my comfort zones is quite something!...JP

...I really wanted to say thank you for an absolutely excellent weekend.  I learned a great deal and consolidated some of my skills and thoughts.  Your approach was extremely professional and I enjoyed the 'tips' that added real value to the whole training experience for me... GF

...The initial classroom tuition was very thorough with excellent visuals and resources. This then translated into practical exercises in the Angus glens. Here navigation techniques were further introduced, refreshed and extended as appropriate. Knowledge was constantly reinforced and the practical assessment allowed opportunities for remediation where required... EC
...Just wanted to say Thank You for this weekend. It was a real privilege to get dedicated teaching and thanks again for your patience.  I found it both challenging and interesting! ... CR


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Calendar 2023

We are not restricted to these dates and can put a course on at other times if required, group and multi-person discounts available.  Gold Navigation now includes an assessment within the same two day period.  All courses can be arranged flexibly.  To minimise classroom time an evening session is available via Zoom prior to the course dates to cover the more theoretical aspects of using the compass, grid references and so on, if required.  This will be followed up during the practical sessions.  If you come with a couple of friends or a family group private courses and dates are available. 

All three levels of the National Navigation Awards are on the SCQF framework, Bronze at 4, Silver at 5, and Gold at 6.  With 2 points each.


To book a NNAS course please register here.  If you are a new candidate you will be invited to register and complete your details.  The system run by Just Go refers to providers as 'Clubs', courses are 'Events', and participants as 'Members'.

20 - 21 May   Navigation Award Silver Training and assessment
27 - 28 May   Navigation Award Gold Training and assessment
3 - 4 June   Navigation Award Silver training and assessment
29 - 30 July   Hill and Mountain Skills   Hill and Mountain Skills course
5 - 6 August  Navigation Award Hill and Mountain Skills course
16 - 17 September  Navigation Award Bronze Training and assessment
7 - 8 October   Navigation Award  Bronze Training and assessment
21 - 22 October   Hill and Mountain Skills Silver Training and assessment
4 - 5 November   Navigation Award  Silver Training and assessment

25 - 26 November

Hill and Mountain Skills Hill and Mountain Skills course

To book a NNAS course please register here.  If you are a new candidate you will be invited to register.  The system run by Just Go refers to providers as 'Clubs', courses are 'Events', and participants as 'Members'.

Any of the planned events can be changed to suit your own wishes.  Or if you have a specific thing you would like to do outwith these dates please contact us for a discussion.  You will require personal equipment to the high level standard on all our activities

Prices for all the training and expeditions are outlined below.  Gift Cards are available if you wish to give someone a unique and memorable gift.  If you are coming as a group or other organised party then discounts are available.

The schedule above lists our planned sessions.  Dates and bespoke or private courses can be arranged to suit your requirements.  While based from our training room, apart from an introductory or Map Reading Theory and Fundamentals course our training is practical and done in appropriate terrain.  All courses can be delivered on a 1 to 1 basis if required, please ask for details.

Hill Skills and Mountain Skills

Hill skills intended as starter sessions covering non-mountain terrain.  2 days at £140 per person for between 3 and 6 clients.

Mountain skills intended to equip you for going into mountain terrain.  2 Days at £140 per person for between 3 and 6 clients.

National Navigation Awards

Introduction to mapping module 1 session of app 4 hours (between 4 and 6 candidates at £60 each)

Bronze training and assessment 2 days (from 3 to  6 candidates at £140 each) 

Silver training and assessment 2 days (from 3 to  6 candidates at £140 each)

Gold Training and assessment  2 days (from 2 to 4 candidates at £150 each)

We can also offer 1 day Navigation revision/introduction workshops to refresh or improve your own skills and can tailor courses to suit you own groups, structures or specific needs, such as Navigation for Women, or GPS and so on.  These sessions can be run on a one-to one basis of £140 per day.

To register for the National Navigation Awards please click on this link which goes to the NNAS website.

GPS Training, one day introduction to the use of GPS, includes a refresh session on map and compass skills which are needed to make fully effective use of the instrument.  Bring your own unit, as while they all have the same basic functions the operational menus differ even from the same manufacturer.   (from 2 to 6 candidates at £65 each for a one day session or £35 each from 2 to 6 for an afternoon (or morning if that is better)).  We base this course in our classroom but it can be delivered on your own premises if you wish.

Summer Hill skills, one day introduction including steep ground, wild camping, and navigation (£140 per day for up to 3 clients, plus £15 per additional person up to a maximum of 8).  These can be tailored to suit your own requirements.

Winter Hill skills, one day introduction to use of crampons, ice-axe, steep ground, snow holing/emergency shelters, and navigation (from £150 per day for up to 3 clients, plus £15 per additional person up to a maximum of 6).  Depending on suitable weather conditions there may be some significant travelling involved, requiring early starts or late finishes, possibly overnight.  Ice axes and crampons are available if you do not have your own, though you will still need to have a pair of good 4 season or stiff 3 season boots (suede, nubuck or fabric are not suitable).  Overnight snow-holing is not undertaken unless conditions are suitable with sufficient depth of accessible and safe snow.

For all the training sessions you will need to bring your own personal equipment (see kit list), any specialist group equipment will be provided.

As clients will tend to have different standards of experience we can tailor your training to suit your needs.  Most of the subject matter can be gone over in a single day, though this is not recommended as there will possibly be too much to take in, especially if there are new physical skills involved.  The best way of establishing what you want is to contact us in advance and have a discussion.  Unless a client wants otherwise, this training will be undertaken on a hill-journey so you can have an enjoyable and challenging walk at the same time as learning or enhancing skills.

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