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How to use your GPS

These wonders of modern technology can make life appear simple, but how many people know how to use them properly and reliably?  They all have the same basic functionality but to understand them and make effective use of them needs some guidance.  While they are very good tools it is foolhardy to rely on them for navigation in extreme conditions, and especially if battery life is an issue.  However used in conjunction with a map and compass it is even harder to go wrong.  

A one day course for up to 6 people (bring your GPS (and manual) as well as day hillwalking gear and food/drink) and we will show you how to get the best from it.  £65 for one person, £100 for two, £130 for three to six.  Primarily this course is built around using it in a mountain context so there is an element of traditional map reading skills, which is vital in the wilder outdoors as a fall-back measure, but the same principles apply to using the unit for geo-caching, wandering around a park and so on.

Of particular relevance is the need to understand how the unit can give you an accurate position fix, and discussions about the pitfalls and problems that can arise in practice.  The course is a mix of classroom based 'theory', nothing technical or mathematical and then a choice of practical exercises.  A short course can be provided covering all of these in an afternoon.

Dates and times by arrangement, please contact us with your requirements.