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Skill Training or Familiarisation days

These take a common format.  On a journey into the hills you will be given demonstrations and opportunities to  practice key skills.  These can be undertaken during a day trip or longer, depending on your specific requirements.  If you wish to brush up your navigation this can also be done during a day trip so it is not necessary to take on a Navigation Award.

In winter, this is primarily use of specialist personal tools and equipment, with safe travel, navigation, avalanche avoidance, navigation techniques, and other aspects all covered.  If conditions are suitable then we may construct emergency shelters, and discuss equipment, clothing and survival techniques.  What we are able to do on winter days is dictated by the weather and availability of suitable snow conditions.

In summer, navigation becomes the major topic, and a journey across untracked countryside will be made to illustrate the essential features.

If you are preparing for an assessment then we can do revision and assessment practice to help you prepare yourself fully for the ordeal.

For all training it is essential that you have your own personal equipment as shown on our kit lists, and particularly sufficient food and drink for an extended day out.  Overnight camps are optional and that will require additional appropriate equipment and food.  We have a stock of camping gear, ice axes, crampons and helmets available for loan if necessary.

We go out in whatever the weather is doing at the time of your trip.  Please ensure that you are prepared for the worst.  What we will do is adjust where we go and how we do what we have planned to cover.  There is in fact a lot of satisfaction from having 'beaten the elements', but we will not do anything that is inherently dangerous.

Students undergoing classroom navigation training

For further details please go to the Activities or Navigation Awards pages, or for a general enquiry please contact us.