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Important information for outdoor activities

By their nature these activities are adventurous.  To provide that experience and environment they will invariably be carried out in remote locations away from roads, habitation and even mobile phone coverage.  While we do not undertake specifically hazardous activities it is not possible to guarantee your safety.  All our instructors are qualified to the appropriate standards and also maintain current first aid certification.  As our activities are carried out in the outdoors they are therefore subject to the vagaries of weather, ground conditions, or even land owners.  This means that we may have to re-plan at very short notice and that may entail not carrying out what we had originally planned, intended or advertised to do.  While we endeavour to provide the experience offered, in the interests of safety we will not go beyond any reasonable and acceptable limits.  Hillwalking, Mountaineering and Climbing are activities with a danger of personal injury or death.  Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.

If at any time you feel uncomfortable in a particular situation please bring this to the attention of the guide or instructor who will take steps to provide additional assistance or modify the activity accordingly.  If you have any existing medical condition it is essential that you share this with the instructor, and if requiring medication please ensure that you have adequate supplies with you.  None of our instructors are permitted to prescribe any course of treatment but may give assistance as necessary.  In the event of an incident, depending on the circumstances at the time we may need to assist a casualty back to civilisation or more likely stay in situ and arrange for help.  If such a situation occurs then the planned activities will need to be  curtailed.  Our base will at all times have a copy of the planned itinerary and onward contact details of clients.  If you are unsure about your fitness or experience for a particular activity please contact us and we will talk through what is involved.

Guide to the fitness requirements and difficulty grades

It is in your interest to ensure that you have adequate personal insurance cover.  A suitable policy for the activities we undertake including cancellation and equipment cover is available from the British Mountaineering Council at www.thebmc.co.uk/insurance for periods of a few days up to a year.

Recommended personal equipment

Recommended nutrition requirements

Refunds of booking fees, partial or otherwise will be at our discretion, though re-booking will possibly be the preferred choice depending on the reason.  Many of our activities and events entail pre-planned commitments on the part of others and therefore it may not be possible to provide a refund for any cancellation within 4 weeks of the intended activity date.