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Monega Path

(Auchavan to Auchallater)


Distance: 24km/15miles, 900m ascent

Duration: 9hrs
Spaces: Maximum 10, minimum 3.
Notes: Extremely Strenuous.  Hillwalking gear required. Packed lunch and snacks required.

Maps: Landranger 43, Explorer 387

Scotways Route 176


This is another infrequently used path, following the old drove trail which avoided the steeper parts of the Devil's Elbow in Gleann Beag.  It is the highest ancient right of way in the UK.  The path proper reaches 1020m, but our route which takes a slight diversion over 3 Munros reaches a maximum of 1068m.  Our walk starts in Glen Isla at Auchavan, and follows the River Isla back towards its source in Caenlochan Glen.  The official route ascends Monega Hill and takes in the top of Little Glas Maol before heading across the plateau towards Glen Clunie and Sron na Gaoithe where the path disappears, before finishing in Glen Clunie.  However we detour via the Munros of Glas Maol (1068m), Cairn of Claise (1064m), and Carn an Tuirc (1019m) before dropping into Glan Callater to join Jock's Road as it descends towards Auchallater.  An alternative slightly shorter route (by 5km) can be had by following the path to the official finish after Carn an Tuirc.  Alternatively we can always miss out all the Munros but that would be a waste!


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Caenlochan Glen from the summit of Monega Hill At the start of the ascent with Caenlochan Glen in front with Monega Hill to the left
Caenlochan.JPG (1177087 bytes)

Caenlochan Glen (centre) with Monega Hill and Glas Maol to the left of centre