Primus Eta Express cook set.  Uses standard screw fit gas canisters, 100g size lasts for approx 45mins to 1hr and is suitable for an overnight stay especially if not using boil in the bag or fresh food.  1l cook pot with frying pan/lid, windshield, and piezo-igniting burner.  The igniters can be a bit unreliable so make sure you bring a means of generating a sprk or flame just in case you have trouble.  A 250g canister can last for up to 4 days on an expedition.  All the canisters tend to have very low pressure after a lot of use so while they still burn he flame can be weak.  This is especially true in cold weather.  Primus make 3 different grades of gas, Summer (not suitable for Scotland), Power and Winter.  More details at this link.

Life Venture Titanium mug, can be used on the stove if necessary.

Sporks.  Combined spoon and fork.

Nalgene 1l bottle.  Can be used as a measuring jug, and also a hot water bottle!  It can warm up your sleeping bag, and the water is still liquid and not frozen in the morning.  If you leave a full nalgene bottle to freeze, you will have no water to use, and you will be carrying another 1kg until it defrosts!

Platypus 2l container.  Used to hold a large supply of water and avoids multiple trips to a water source.  Can also be used for hydration on the move.  Upland water in Scotland is generally safe to drink, though the advice is that all water should be boiled before use.

More notes on stoves (including fuel), and food at these links.